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Green roofs


Towns lack free space, while most of the roofs are not used at all. By making those roofs green space could be used more sensibely and with that we can acquire some low maintenance green areas.

A green roof is an excellent heat and noise isolation throughout the year, that works as a natural system for decreasing rainwater surplus while downpour. Plants on it clean the air, release oxygen and assure much needed humidity level.

According to difficulty of work, construction, intensity of maintenance and intended use green roofs are divided as follows:


Extensive green roofs, where mostly only low-maintenance, durable plants, primarely ground-covers, are used. Only minimum maintenance is neccessary, installation is simpler due to lower final weight allowed on the construction.


Intensive green roofs - roof gardens -  are technically more demanding. However they offer more designing freedom, chance of planting shrubs and smaller trees, bulding an outdoor kitchen and making a picninc spot. Some larger plants can be used too and more diverse plantiations can be done. Some extra care is required. Such roofs are suitable for living, as a relaxation room and a friendly chat or for creating a herbal or a kitchen garden.

As experienced professionals in field of horticulture design we also master a preparation a roof for a proper site for various plants, which are correctly planted and maintained by us.

Green roof can be constructed on residential houses and office bulidings, on sports halls, industrial buildings, parking garages, covered parking lots, warehouses and other buildings.

By choosing, plannning and constructing a green roof we consider construction charactheristics, statical bearing strength, build-in materials and the building's purpose of use. Special concern is given to hiydroisolation and drainage and at that we can build a rainwater tank as well.

Qualitatively carried out roof construction and overall layout of the green roof, selection of plants and the area arrangement shall all be consistent and technically perfected. With correct layout and regular maintenance we prolong roof lifespan and its usability.