Substrat univerzal Agrofino |40l|

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Description Substrat univerzal Agrofino |40l|

The universal potting soil AGROFINO Professional is a highly qualitative potting soil, appropriate for transplanting all type of indoor and outdoor plants. The light structure of the potting soil stimulates the drainage of excesive water, aerates the soil and stumulates the rooting of the plants.
The universal potting soil AGROFINO Professionalis used as pure substrate for all type of plants. Attention: use the potting soil for acidophilic plants when transplanting azalea, rhododendron,...
Repotting of plants
- repoting is recomended in autumn or spring
- choose a pot which is several cm larger than the previous pot
- apply hydro pearls or potsherds on the bottom of the pot
- place the plant in the new pot and fill the pot with the potting soil
- press gently the soil around the plant and water the plant
- give enough water the first weeks ain order to stimulate rooting of the plants
- fertilize after 3 to 4 weeks, then when required
Transplanting in the field
- dig a hole which is 3 to 4 times larger than the pot of the plant
- mix the excavated soil with 50% of the universal potting soil AGROFINO Professional
- place the plant in the hole and fill the hole with the mixed soil.
- water abundantly the first weeks to stimulate rooting
- fertilize after 3 to 4 weeks, then when required
milled peat, black peat.
- amount of NPK fertilizers added (14-16-18) 1,4kg/m3
- electrical conductivity   55 mS/m
- pH (H2O)     5,8
- QUANTITY (by volume at time of filling) 20/40/70 L
- RECOMENDED USE    universal use
Produced in the EU.

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