Turf Saver |Organic fertilizer for healthy turf|NPK: 3-4-3|10 kg|PHC|

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Description Turf Saver |Organic fertilizer for healthy turf|NPK: 3-4-3|10 kg|PHC|

Turf Saver is formulated for the installation of turf, greens and lawns. It contains a blend of four VA mycorrhizal (VAM) fungi, fertilizer ingredients and rhizosphere bacteria. These bacteria have been specially selected for their benefi cial activities in the rhizosphere of plants such as nitrogen fi xation, chelation of elements and the breakdown of organic matter. Mycorrhiza symbiosis is an essential requirement for healthy growth and resilience of almost all types of grass. The fungal threads of mycorrhizae increase the physical absorption capacity of plants by an average of 700%. And they grow in the finest soil pores to get the sparing nutrients for plants there. This means that signifi cantly less water needs to be given and fertilizers are used more effciently.

The application of mycorrhiza is visible in vegetative growth, grass health, accelerated recovery from stress and damage.



  • better start of new turf,
  • increases resistance,
  • faster recovery from damages,
  • improves the rhizosphere,
  • effcient use of fertilizers,
  • increases the abiotic stress tolerance,
  • less weed infestations,
  • optimal soil for top spor.







VA Mycorrhiza spores

0.3 %


Sod installation

5 kg/100 m2

Rhizobacteria preparation

3 %


Sowing of sports fi elds

5 kg/100 m2

Organic fertilizer

49.74 %


Installation of golf greens

5 kg/100 m2

Humic acid powder (Leonardite)

18 %


Turf maintenance

10 kg/100 m2

Seaweed meal

16 %


Fulvic powder (Leonardite)

10 %


0.15 %


0.01 %

Inert ingredients (Mineral oil)

2.80 %



Turf Saver is a biostimulant and contains organic fertilizer ingredients.

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