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Shrubs, planted as ornamental, and also used to landscape and divide space, for protection against wind and noise, as ground cover plants, also as potted plants, etc. Some shrubs are often planted as a hedge and shaped by regular pruning, or are more or less free growing.

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bodikovolistni osmant "Tricolor"

Osmanthus heterophyllus "Tricolor"
From 15.90 €

brogovita "Brandywine"

Viburnum nudum "Brandywine" ™
From 29.10 €

črni bezeg "Golden Tower"

Sambucus nigra "Golden Tower"
From 14.70 €

dišečnik "Venus"

Calycanthus "Venus"
From 26.80 €

dren "Argentea"

Cornus alternifolia "Argentea"
From 49.40 €

enkijant "Roter Steckling"

Enkianthus campanulatus "Roter Steckling"
From 627.00 €

fraserjeva fotinija "Carre Rouge"

Photinia fraseri "Carre Rouge"
From 107.50 €

grahasta pacipresa "Squarrosa"

Chamaecyparis pisifera "Squarrosa"
From 15.90 €

hrastlolistna hortenzija "Amethyst"

Hydrangea quercifolia "Amethyst"
From 17.10 €

japonska bodika "Glorie Dwarf"

Ilex crenata "Glorie Dwarf"
From 13.50 €

japonska kamelija

Camellia japonica
From 38.60 €

japonska kamelija "Brushfield's Yellow"

Camellia "Brushfield's Yellow"
From 37.50 €

japonska srpovka "Little Champion"

Cryptomeria japonica "Little Champion"
From 49.40 €

kanadska čuga "Jervis"

Tsuga canadensis "Jervis"
From 83.60 €

lawsonova pacipresa "Little Spire"

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana "Little Spire"
From 12.40 €

lawsonova pacipresa "Yellow Spire"

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana "Yellow Spire"
From 83.60 €

navadna bodika "Aureo Marginata Pendula"

Ilex aquifolium "Aureo Marginata Pendula" ®
From 751.90 €

navadna bodika "Silver van Tol"

Ilex aquifolium "Silver van Tol"
From 99.50 €

navadna bodika "White Cream"

Ilex aquifolium "White Cream" ®
From 136.50 €

navadna dojcija "Yuki Snowflake"

Deutzia rosea "Yuki Snowflake" ®
From 13.50 €
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