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Ground cover plants are appropriate for covering the ground and larger surfaces, due to their thick, compact, mat-forming low growth. These are usually herbaceous perennials or shrubs. They can have ornamental flowers, are deciduous or evergreen. They mostly require simple maintenance.

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golden madwort "Summit"

Alyssum saxatile "Summit"
From 2.00 €

snowdrop windflower "Madonna"

Anemone sylvestris "Madonna"
From 2.00 €

alpine sandwort "Blizzard"

Arenaria montana "Blizzard"
From 3.60 €

aubretia "Axcent Dark Red"

Aubrieta hybrida "Axcent Dark Red" ™
From 1.91 €

Japanese barberry "Bagatelle"

Berberis thunbergii "Bagatelle"
From 12.90 €

bergenia "Pink Dragonfly"

Bergenia "Pink Dragonfly"
From 6.20 €

heart-leaf bergenia

Bergenia cordifolia
From 2.00 €

heart-leaf bergenia "Eroica"

Bergenia cordifolia "Eroica"
From 2.40 €

common heather

Calluna vulgaris
From 2.00 €

Serbian bellflower "Hirsch Blue"

Campanula poscharskyana "Hirsch Blue"
From 1.91 €

Libanon cedar "Sargentii"

Cedrus libani "Sargentii"
From 65.60 €


Cerastium tomentosum
From 1.91 €

bearberry cotoneaster "Coral Beauty"

Cotoneaster dammeri "Coral Beauty"
From 2.30 €

bearberry cotoneaster "Eichholz"

Cotoneaster dammeri "Eichholz"
From 2.70 €

bearberry cotoneaster "Major"

Cotoneaster dammeri "Major"
From 2.70 €

bearberry cotoneaster "Streibs Findling"

Cotoneaster dammeri "Streibs Findling"
From 2.70 €

broom "Hollandia"

Cytisus "Hollandia"
From 7.89 €

broom "Lena"

Cytisus "Lena"
From 7.89 €

warminster broom "Allgold"

Cytisus praecox "Allgold"
From 7.89 €

Fortune's spindle "Emerald 'n' Gold"

Euonymus fortunei "Emerald 'n' Gold"
From 1.90 €
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