Planting And Landscaping

Planting And Landscaping

Ground shaping and soil preparation

According to the needs we level the ground, possible slopes and prepair the ground to plant selected plants. Garden landscaping requiers long-term thinking, so with use of the right professioanl methods at the beggining we take care for garden to evolve into relaxing, pleasant and healthy green oasis/environment.


We are very familliar with recent assortment of materials and products for garden, so we can find optimal solution for each particular case easily. Every added element can integrate pretty good v complete aestethyc and useful effect of the garden and as such emphasizes value for its user.



Precise knowledge of growth needs for every chosen plant allowa us to prepare her with a suitable site. We plant trees, shrubs, hedges, ground-cover plants, mixed borders with perennials and shrubs and fruit trees profesionally. After planting we spread mulch where needed, stake the plants and protect them against rodents and frost damage. With that we are already thinking about later regular maintanance required for good growth and development of plants.

Planting big trees, placing heavy pot plants and bonsai or working on inaccesible balconies, terraces and roofs makes no problem for us. We can use crane trucks or any other suitable machinery.

Garden centre on 3500m2

Plantation make-over

Existing plantations can be improved and embellish through make-over/renovation. Unsuitable plants are replaced with new ones while some are revitalized; we weed surface and fertilize it. If you are unsure on how to rearrange a part of your garden or improve its functionality, contact us. We will find the best solution and realise it.


Trees and shrubs grow at our nursery for several years!


We tidy lawn either using lawn turf in roles, sowing or using sowing technique with anti-erosion protection. You can also choose a high-quality artificial turf.


We are experienced and profesionally qualified, consistent in our work and we find our ways also in difficult situations. It is our routine to do the job with most care, so that the areas where work is done suffer the least damage possible.


Land preparation


Before the end

After finishing the work we will leave no other traces behind but your garden in a new look - tidy, cleanned and ready to use.


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