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Herbaceous perennials, planted as ornamental, as ground cover plants, cut flowers, etc.

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Turkestan allium

Allium karataviense
From 3.50 €

japanese anemone "Fantasy Pocahontas"

Anemone hybrida "Fantasy Pocahontas" ™
From 6.50 €

japanese anemone "Honorine Jobert"

Anemone hybrida "Honorine Jobert"
From 3.60 €

columbine "Biedermeier"

Aquilegia "Biedermeier"
From 1.90 €

common thrift

Armeria maritima
From 2.00 €

common thrift "Alba"

Armeria maritima "Alba"
From 1.91 €

common thrift "Rosea Compacta"

Armeria maritima "Rosea Compacta"
From 1.90 €

common thrift "Rubrifolia"

Armeria maritima "Rubrifolia"
From 1.90 €

common thrift "Schöne von Fellbach"

Armeria maritima "Schöne von Fellbach"
From 1.91 €

alpine aster "Happy End"

Aster alpinus "Happy End"
From 2.10 €

garden astilbe "Vision in Pink"

Astilbe chinensis "Vision in Pink" ®
From 5.30 €

peach leaved bellflower "Alba"

Campanula persicifolia "Alba"
From 2.10 €

peach leaved bellflower "Takion Blue"

Campanula persicifolia "Takion Blue"
From 2.10 €

Lyon's turtlehead "Hot Lips"

Chelone lyonii "Hot Lips"
From 4.10 €

solitary clematis

Clematis integrifolia
From 6.20 €


Convallaria majalis
From 1.90 €

eastern cyclamen

Cyclamen coum
From 3.50 €

hardy ice plant "Fire Spinner"

Delosperma "Fire Spinner"
From 2.00 €

hardy ice plant "Sani Pass"

Delosperma "Sani Pass"
From 2.00 €

Cooper's hardy ice plant "John Proffitt"

Delosperma cooperi "John Proffitt"
From 2.00 €
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