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Artificial Turf


As more and more common alternative to natural grass artificial turf is being used. It can found in public areas, sports areas, parks and private gardens. It is a multi-purpose, comfortable and natural-looking product.


Its main advantages are easy maintenance and durability. It can be layed in places, where there is no suitable ground or other factors for natural grass lawn. It is very easy to clean and care for and extremly long-lasting. We offer products from a series of professional artificial turfs, reputed for their high-quality fibres, while wide range of products gives various designing oportunities.


UArtificial turf is a perfect surface for football fields and tennis courts, for golf courses and other sports infrastructure. It is appropriate for large or small green areas, for terraces and even roofs. It is usable and practical option also for indoor, such as in tennis halls, children playrooms, show-rooms, trade-fair halls etc.


To make your lawn of premium look, as well as being durable and functional, we offer you precise and correct terrain preparation with professional laying of artificial turf.