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We are a family business company established in 1992. First years of our business was particulary felling and pruning trees in urban area. We carried out numerous sanation of old and injured trees only by climbing and with use of ladder. First basket crane for tree pruning was bought in 2000. Thus today we can do such most difficult tasks with experienced coworkers and modern machinery tools, e. g. difficult and risky felling tall trees (Douglas fir) at the Cemetery of Pobrežje in Maribor.


In first year we also did maintenance, pruning and arrangement of public area sites, primarily for the Municipality of Maribor, secondly for numerous other northeastern municipalities in Slovenia. Our first large plantation was redevelopment of Maribor Dumping Ground in Pobrežje in year 1993.

That we could keep track with work a small TAM truck was bought in 1994. First bigger trailer ladder and new smaller light truck was sourced in 1999 as well as new wood chipper (made in Slovenia) and winter service was established too. We arranged a large number of public greens, done work in castle parks and old tree-lined avenue and we also made educational path. By gainig experience in work a lot more of our own planting layout, planning, consultations and garden arrangement was done.

Garden centre on 3500m2

Our company was developing slowly, yet reliably, so we could hire new people. A lot of financial assests were invested in buying real propertiesfor storage room and palnt growing, while we had none of our own. Today we have around two hectares of our own land.


Trees and shrubs grow at our nursery for several years!

Because of increase in demand in autumn of 2011 our own garden centre was established as retail and wholesale for our customers. As early as in 2015 we managed to widen the garden centre with wider plant assortment, this is among others niwaki as an exquisite of japanese garden theme. In our exemplary designed and arranged garden centre you can now probably find the greatest collection of outdoor ornamental plants in the Republic of Slovenia. Our slogan is:« Or to cruely fell or to gently grow«, stands for all segments of our business activity.

Garden centre MOGA

Japan garden Niwakii

All this would not be possible wothout the help of our devoted, skilled and successful employees, for which they are regularily educated. We are keeping us equiped with new, modern tools and machinery, moreover we innovate our commerce with computer gear and software. Because we are company small enough and adaptable, threfore more reactive to market fluctuations and dealt well with general economic crisis. Step by step we created stabile company, one of most successful in highly equiped in its branch with bright future abroad as well.


In last years, the second generation already takes its part actively, which brings new, refreshing ideas. Working together with strong will, we will continue to work for a tidy, green living environment, and will also follow our goals.