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Plant, which needs support to grow in height. It can climb with tendrils or clinging roots, or it twines around its support with shoots. Climbing plants can be woody and herbaceous plants, some are evergreen, others are deciduous, and have different life cycle lengths. Woody climbing plants are often addressed along with shrubs, and herbaceous climbing plants with perennials, annuals or biennials, according to their life cycle.

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arctic kiwi

Actinidia kolomikta
From 20.60 €

great bougainvillea

Bougainvillea spectabilis
From 45.90 €

trumpet creeper

Campsis radicans
From 12.70 €

trumpet creeper "Yellow Trumpet"

Campsis radicans "Yellow Trumpet"
From 15.10 €

clematis "Comtesse de Bouchaud"

Clematis "Comtesse de Bouchaud"
From 12.40 €

clematis "Ernest Markham"

Clematis "Ernest Markham"
From 9.50 €

clematis "Jackmanii"

Clematis "Jackmanii"
From 12.40 €

clematis "Madame Julia Correvon"

Clematis "Madame Julia Correvon"
From 12.40 €

clematis "Mevrouw Le Coultre"

Clematis "Mevrouw Le Coultre"
From 12.40 €

clematis "Nelly Moser"

Clematis "Nelly Moser"
From 11.20 €

clematis "Niobe"

Clematis "Niobe"
From 12.40 €

clematis "Piilu"

Clematis "Piilu"
From 12.40 €

clematis "Pixie"

Clematis "Pixie"
From 9.50 €

clematis "The President"

Clematis "The President"
From 12.40 €

clematis "Ville de Lyon"

Clematis "Ville de Lyon"
From 9.50 €

evergreen clematis

Clematis armandii
From 26.80 €

old man's beard

Clematis vitalba
From 16.10 €

climbing hydrangea

Hydrangea petiolaris
From 230.01 €

coral honeysuckle "American Beauty"

Lonicera heckrottii "American Beauty"
From 9.50 €

Henry's honeysuckle

Lonicera henryi
From 10.80 €
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