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Interior Design and Floriculture


Living with plants

Arranging living as well as work spaces, is a major step towards providing healthy environment. In here plants clean the air, enrich it with oxygen and maintain proper humidity. Alltogether leads us to the fact, that people surrounded with plants feel less stress, fall ill less often, improve their creativity and concentration; they also get more motivated for work and achieve better results.

With plants we decorate offices and other work spaces, showrooms, shops, conference and bussiness meetings halls for you. On this wise decorated spaces and the entire office building with its sorroundings evidently prove your successful bussiness doing and instil confidence in your customers.


Special ocassions and events

We decorate fair and showrooms, where beside plants numerous other materials can be used. In such decoration your products, posters and advertising material are integrated or your bussiness in different matter emphasized and  presented.

We take care of a trendy and delightful decoration at weddings, births, moving ins, holidays, meetings and other occasions. On wish we decorate and arrange your home living spaces, entrances and sunrooms.


Flower arrangements and seasonal decorations

On pre-order we make bouquets, garlands and flower arrangements. With a bouquet of flowers and greenery delight yourself, your close ones and friends to embellish festive table or a gift. You can refer to us to put up a Christmas tree and to arrange the rest of the winter or Christmas – New year season decoration. We put up spring and Easter decoration as well. On your wish we are to take care that plants, pots, decor and other accesories will help you to fully enjoy spirit of holidays and seasons.