Web Shop Purchase Procedure

Choice of Products

You can add products you want to purchase to cart/wheelbarrow while shopping by clicking the thumb “Upload to wheelbarrow”. If you want several of the same product, enter the wanted amount into the field “Amount”, whether click on thumbs + and/or -. Click on the “My wheelbarrow” in the right upper corner, when you are done with shopping. 


Your cart/wheelbarrow contains products you have added to during shopping. You can remove a product by clicking on “Remove product”. If you would like to change the amount of products, you can do so by entering the wanted amount into the field “Amount” or by clicking on thumbs + and/or -. In addition, if you want to add some more products, just click on “Back to store/shop”. When you picked and added all of your desired products to the cart/wheelbarrow click on “Proceed to next step".


Here you enter your personal data, choose type of delivery and type of payment. When you filled out all of demanded fields, click on “Submit order”. With that, your order has been submitted and cannot be altered anymore. 

Order summary

We will send a summary of the order to your e-mail address.

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