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Ground cover plants are appropriate for covering the ground and larger surfaces, due to their thick, compact, mat-forming low growth. These are usually herbaceous perennials or shrubs. They can have ornamental flowers, are deciduous or evergreen. They mostly require simple maintenance.

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true lavender "Hidcote"

Lavandula angustifolia "Hidcote"
From 3.90 €

box honeysuckle "Maigrün"

Lonicera nitida "Maigrün"
From 1.80 €

creeping Jenny

Lysimachia nummularia
From 3.00 €

creeping Jenny "Aurea"

Lysimachia nummularia "Aurea"
From 3.50 €

Japanese spurge

Pachysandra terminalis
From 2.10 €

Japanese spurge "Green Carpet"

Pachysandra terminalis "Green Carpet"
From 2.10 €

knot weed "Darjeeling Red"

Persicaria affinis "Darjeeling Red"
From 2.10 €

Douglas phlox "Crackerjack"

Phlox douglasii "Crackerjack"
From 2.10 €

moss phlox "Kimono Pink White"

Phlox subulata "Kimono Pink White"
From 2.10 €

Norway spruce "Golden Drift"

Picea abies "Gold Drift"
From 37.30 €

Jack pine pine "Schoodic"

Pinus banksiana "Schoodic"
From 29.10 €

European mountain pine "Hesse"

Pinus mugo "Hesse"
From 64.90 €

European mountain pine "Humpy"

Pinus mugo "Humpy"
From 54.80 €

European mountain pine "Little Lady"

Pinus mugo "Little Lady"
From 83.60 €

European mountain pine "Mini Mops"

Pinus mugo "Mini Mops"
From 65.60 €

European mountain pine "Mops"

Pinus mugo "Mops"
From 22.40 €

mugo pine

Pinus mugo mughus
From 7.90 €

pumilo pine

Pinus mugo pumilio
From 7.90 €

Scots pine pine "Repens"

Pinus sylvestris "Repens"
From 1,520.00 €

dwarf bamboo

Pleioblastus argenteostriatus pumilus
From 10.20 €
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