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Shrubs, planted as ornamental, and also used to landscape and divide space, for protection against wind and noise, as ground cover plants, also as potted plants, etc. Some shrubs are often planted as a hedge and shaped by regular pruning, or are more or less free growing.

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navadna dojcija "Yuki Snowflake"

Deutzia rosea "Yuki Snowflake" ®
From 13.50 €

navadna lipovka "Bicolor"

Syringa chinensis "Bicolor"
From 24.80 €

navadna nandinia

Nandina domestica "Obsessed" ™
From 30.50 €

navadni brin "rumeni"

Juniperus communis "Golden Shade"
From 29.10 €

rdeči bor "Argentea Compacta"

Pinus sylvestris "Argentea Compacta"
From 595.60 €

rododendron "Eddy"

Rhododendron "Eddy"
From 180.20 €

rododendron "Homer"

Rhododendron "Homer"
From 21.60 €

rododendron "Nofretete"

Rhododendron "Nofretete"
From 191.90 €

rušje "Schweizer Tourist"

Pinus mugo "Schweizer Tourist"
From 66.50 €

sirski oslez "Fiji"

Hibiscus syriacus "Fiji" ®
From 26.80 €

sirski oslez "Hawaii"

Hibiscus syriacus "Hawaii" ®
From 26.80 €

velikolistna hortenzija "Black Diamonds Shining Angel Pink"

Hydrangea macrophylla "Black Diamonds Shining Angel Pink" ®
From 34.50 €

velikolistna hortenzija "Miss Saori"

Hydrangea macrophylla "Miss Saori"
From 21.80 €

velikolistna hortenzija "Purple Ball"

Hydrangea macrophylla "Purple Ball"
From 21.80 €

vrtna forzicija "Mikador"

Forsythia intermedia "Mikador" ®
From 17.90 €

vrtnica "Roald Dahl"

Rosa "Roald Dahl" ®
From 28.20 €

vrtnica "Tranquillity"

Rosa "Tranquillity" ™
From 25.90 €

yakushimski rododendron "Golden Melodie"

Rhododendron yakushimanum "Golden Melodie"
From 49.40 €

yakushimski rododendron "Makiyak"

Rhododendron yakushimanum "Makiyak"
From 54.80 €

yakushimski rododendron "Marietta"

Rhododendron yakushimanum "Marietta"
From 54.80 €
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