Arbo Flex trunk protection coating |5 kg|

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Description Arbo Flex trunk protection coating |5 kg|

ARBO-FLEX is a root protection paint specially designed to prevent / reduce thermal bark damage caused by heat or frost on hardwoods. These are usually observed in young trees after transplanting from the sheltered enclosure to solitary sites and also in older trees. A proven protective measure against frost cracks has hitherto been the "tree whitening" known from the field of fruit growing. The low durability of these colors required up to 2 coats in winter. A summer protection did not exist. New to Arbo-Flex: A coat of paint protects more than 5 years and replaces 10-15 lime paints. With the increase in the diameter of the tree, bark structures are continuously released in small areas. Thus, for the first time, the strain is given the opportunity to slowly adapt to the changed sun radiation conditions over a period of several years after the unique Arbo-Flex coating.
ARBO-FLEX is pasty and is applied undiluted. The color binds off as a white coating on the trunk. The elastic covering protects without impairing the growth and protection function. Thereafter, the paint is slowly degraded into environmentally neutral components.

Workflow for ARBO-FLEX:
1. Mechanical pre-cleaning of the trunk using the abrasive fleece (if used properly, cleaning with special wire brushes is significantly more effective).
2. Apply LX 60 primer, let it dry to the touch.
3. Apply the main coat of ARBO-FLEX covering (it is almost a "trowelling" with a brush).
Do not apply to wet or frozen bark, temperatures are ideal from + 10 ° C! ARBO-FLEX must be able to dry!

Consumption calculation for Arbo-Flex: per m² of bark surface approx. 1 kg, so the approximate consumption per tree is as follows:
- 250-300g for a tree with a trunk size of 14/16cm (application area approx. 0,30m2)
- 280-340g for a tree with a trunk size of 16/18cm (application area approx. 0,34m2)
- 320-380g for a tree with a trunk size of 18/20cm (application area approx. 0,38m2)
- 350-420g for a tree with a trunk size of 20/22cm (application area approx. 0.42m2)
- 380-460g for a tree with a trunk size of 22/24cm (application area approx. 0.46m2)
- 420-500g for a tree with a trunk size of 24/26cm (application area approx. 0,50m2)

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