giant dwarf papyrus

oxymoron papyrus

Latin name:
Large, bushy, upright, frost tender (min. +15 °C) perennial (H 0,4-0,6 m, W 0,4-0,6 m). Leaves in a broad, flat-open rosette atop of the upright, green, triangular stebel; narrow-lanceolate (10-15 cm), green. Flowers not remarkable. Grows well in wet, marshy soils or in water to 20 cm deep, in sunny and half-shady sites.
  • Plants for destinctively sunny sites need and tolerate a lot of direct sun radiation (eg. roses, even more spurge (euphorbia myrsinites) , sea buckthorn, sedum, most of rock-garden plants, cactuses etc). Mostly, but not necessarily, these plants can also tolerate drought. Roses need more water and noursihments and rich, deep, fetile soil, while white stonecrop survives more weeks in dry soil without rain or watering and can grow normally in poor, sandy soil as well.

  • Herbaceous plants are not woody. Their stems are soft, usually remaining green. With some herabceous older stems may harden and look like woody stems (e. g. bamboo).

  • Leaves or needles remain on the plant for several consecutive years, usually 2 to 5 years. Our descriptions contain the word evergreen.

  • Plant is cold/frost sensitive, mainly cannot survive temperature below freezing point (0 °C) or requires significantly higher temperature to live (e. g. some tropical plants). Required minimal temperatures for certain plants are given in detailed descriptions.

  • Standing or running water, sites for true water plants. Water plants can be either attached to ground or free floating, submerged or floating on surface. They cannot tolerate drought, even with muchwatering they cannot grow in a garden bed for a long time. Some water plants may grow partly (or for some time, if water level drops) on land, where they develop different growth and different leaf shape.

  • Herbaceous, not woody plant. Stems and leaves may be evergreen or deciduous - thus regrowing every spring. Perennials may blossom consecutively for several years. Some perennials develop special underground organs - bulbs, corms or rootstocks and these species are treated separetelly, not with geophyte and tuberous plants.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Velik del pestrosti in barvitosti, ki jo v vrtove prinašajo okrasne rastline, prispevajo ravno trajnice. Pri tem imamo v mislih plamenke, homulice, perunike, maslenice, telohe, hoste, zelnate potonike, jesenske astre in še številne druge. Že... next...
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