Modules for green walls

Modules for green walls.
They are mounted according to individual needs and in any shape and size. As a rule, implementation is cheaper than already made (ready to use) green walls.

Modules PG14 (29.85 cm x 18.6 cm): for 1m2 of green wall we need 18 modules, which represents 36 planting places (pots 14 cm in diameter, depth 13,7 cm)

In the case of green walls, modules and frames, minimal deviation of dimensions can occur.

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Pixel module PG14 |Light gray|L: 29,85 cm x W: 9,0 cm x H: 18,6 cm|

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12.90 €

Pixel module PG14 |Black|L: 29,85 cm x W: 9,0 cm x H: 18,6 cm|

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12.90 €
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