navadna nandinia

heavenly bamboo

Majhna, gosta, zmrzalno trdna zimzelena grmovnica (V 0,5-1 m, Š 0,5-1 m). Listi pernato deljeni, posamezni lističi široko suličasti (3-6 cm), gladki, bleščeči, mladi živo rdeči, poleti temno zeleni, pozimi temno rdeči do bakreno rdeči. Cvetovi v latastih socvetjih, enostavni (1 cm), beli, z rumenimi prašniki. Cvetenje: julij-avgust. Plodovi podolgovati do okrogli (0,8 cm), gladki, živo rdeči. Potrebuje zavetno lego in stalno vlažna tla.
  • Plants for destinctively sunny sites need and tolerate a lot of direct sun radiation (eg. roses, even more spurge (euphorbia myrsinites) , sea buckthorn, sedum, most of rock-garden plants, cactuses etc). Mostly, but not necessarily, these plants can also tolerate drought. Roses need more water and noursihments and rich, deep, fetile soil, while white stonecrop survives more weeks in dry soil without rain or watering and can grow normally in poor, sandy soil as well.

  • Decidious have woody stems (i. e. tree trunk and branches) and are also called woody plants or trees. Leaves are normally broad, soft and thin.

  • Leaves or needles remain on the plant throughout the winter and fall down in spring when new ones emerge. Part of leaves or needles may fall already in autumn or winter. The falling off depends on winter temperature, so some plants are evergreen in mild winter, yet decidous in cold winter

  • Plant can in otherwise appropriate environment survive cold down to - 23 °C.

  • Porous or dry soils are normally light and loose, there is no stagnant water but relatively quickly flows in deeper layers; such ground are more airy and warmer, yet drier and usually contain less humus and for such undergrowth it is often to for drought to appear (e. g. rockgardens, walls, by paths and roads, on gravel, also on gravel surface in towns and close to buildings ...), plants of such undergrowth need well-drained soil, they tolerate drought but cannot tolerate constant moisture or even flooding.

  • Woody plant, normally branched at the ground level into several side stems, usually lacks of a dominant stem. Tree top can be of different shapes, dense or thin, symetric or uneven. Most shrubs reach a height of 1 to 2 metres, but some can grow much higher (up to 8 m); some can grow into very low or carpet-like forms.

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Nandina domestica "Obsessed" ™ |20-40|C2

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Nandina domestica "Obsessed" ™ |40-60|C

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Nandina domestica "Obsessed" ™ |60-80|extra|C25

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Height 60-80 cm
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Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Okrasne grmovnice so najbolj raznolika skupina vrtnih okrasnih rastlin. Med njimi najdemo različno velike okrasne grme za samostojno sajenje in za večje, mešane nasade, rastline za žive meje in obrobke, pa tudi številne nizke, polegle, pokrovne... next...
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