sago cycas

Latin name:
Large, palm-like evergreen plant, related to ferns and conifers. Stem short, thick (H 1-5 m, W 1-3 m), surrounded by remainings of the petioles. Leaves large (0,5 to 1,5 m) finely pinnately compound, leaflets narrow, linear, dark green. Needs well-drained soils. Grown as a container-plant.
  • Plants from this group grow equally good in different positions, regardless of solar radiation. Usually they need more moisture in sunny than in shady undergorwth and they can bloom more exuberant.

  • Decidious have woody stems (i. e. tree trunk and branches) and are also called woody plants or trees. Leaves are normally broad, soft and thin.

  • Leaves or needles remain on the plant for several consecutive years, usually 2 to 5 years. Our descriptions contain the word evergreen.

  • Plant is cold/frost sensitive, mainly cannot survive temperature below freezing point (0 °C) or requires significantly higher temperature to live (e. g. some tropical plants). Required minimal temperatures for certain plants are given in detailed descriptions.

  • Porous or dry soils are normally light and loose, there is no stagnant water but relatively quickly flows in deeper layers; such ground are more airy and warmer, yet drier and usually contain less humus and for such undergrowth it is often to for drought to appear (e. g. rockgardens, walls, by paths and roads, on gravel, also on gravel surface in towns and close to buildings ...), plants of such undergrowth need well-drained soil, they tolerate drought but cannot tolerate constant moisture or even flooding.

  • Woody plant, normally with a remarkable tree trunk and a tree top. May have several stems - multistemmed tree. The tree top may be of different shapes, dense or thin, symetric or uneven. Most trees reach a height of more than 3 metres.

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Drevesa navadno predstavljajo osnovo vsakega vrta ali parka. Številne drevesne vrste ter njihove sorte sadimo kot okrasne rastline, za oblikovanje in razmejitev prostora, zastiranje pogledov, varstvo pred vetrom in soncem ter v druge namene.... next...
Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Sagovci (skupina Cycadales, vrste iz rodov Cycas, Macrozamia, Zamia…) so evolucijsko zelo stara skupina rastlin. So preproste cvetnice, natančneje golosemenke, torej sorodne iglavcem. Po obliki še najbolj spominjajo na palme. Njihovo deblo je... next...
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