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spotted bellflower "Rubra"

Campanula punctata "Sarastro"
Small, clump-forming, upright deciduous perennial (H 30-45 cm, W 30-40 cm). Leaves egg-shaped (10-12 cm), with a serrate margin, slightly hairy, dark green. Flowers narrowly bell-shaped (3-4 cm), pink to red-pink. Flowering period: June-August. It grows well in humus-rich, partly sandy, always moderately moist, well-drained soils, in sun.
Sunny shady position

These plants grow well in sun or in partial shade. Usually they tolerate more sun and heat if given enough moisture; in partial or light shade they need less moisture.

Conifer deciduous tree with plant

Herbaceous plants are not woody. Their stems are soft, usually remaining green. With some herabceous older stems may harden and look like woody stems (e. g. bamboo).

Deciduous evergreen plant partially true

The plant develops new leaves or needles every spring, which dropp off in autumn. Herbaceous plants can die completely in above ground section and grow back in the spring.

Presumed strength

Plant can in otherwise appropriate environment survive cold down to - 23 °C.

Soil humidity

Moist soil usually contain morefine clay parts and less sand, more humus and organic materials, they are somewhat heavier, but not hard; water does not run away quickly but stays among soil particles and is long available to plants. There is no stagnant water, soil is airy enough. Drought occurs rarely on such positions. Plants are given more or less permanent, moderate moisture.

Growth shape

Herbaceous, not woody plant. Stems and leaves may be evergreen or deciduous - thus regrowing every spring. Perennials may blossom consecutively for several years. Some perennials develop special underground organs - bulbs, corms or rootstocks and these species are treated separetelly, not with geophyte and tuberous plants.

Campanula 'Sarastro' FIRST SIZE BR
Campanula 'Sarastro' FIRST SIZE BR
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Products specifications
Attribute name Attribute value
Rastlin na m2 4-6
Basic leaf / needles colour
Jesenska barvitost Ne
Moisture/Humidity moist soil
Durability No
Width of growth width up to 1 m
Deciduous / Evergreen deciduous perennial
Position/Location Sun to partial shade
Height of growth perennials small - 0,3 to 0,6 m
Basic leaf colour
Fruit blossom period/season ne
Plant Type Herbaceous plant
Fruit edibility no
Blossom season/time June-August
Hibernation winter hardy -18 to -23 °C

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