Substrate for rhododendrons Sterlux |50l|

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Description Substrate for rhododendrons Sterlux |50l|

This substrate is specially adapted for acidophilic plants. Rhododendrons and azaleas (Rhododendron sp., Azalea sp.) therefore thrive very well with the use of this substrate. It is also suitable for planting plants of Ericaceous plants (Erica sp., Calluna sp., ..), which thrive well in lower PH conditions. It can be used for planting in the garden or in pots and large containers. The substrate can be used as a mixture of substrate and normal soil.
pH: 4 - 4,5
Content: 75% sphagnum milled peat, 25% uncomposted bark; pH (in H₂O) 4.0-4.5; 0.4 kg/m³; PGMix NPK 14-16-18.
Made in EU.

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