velikolistna hortenzija "Black Steel®White Ball"

Majhna, gosta, pokončna in listopadna grmovnica (V 1m, Š do 1m). Listi široko jajčasti 10-15 cm, po robu grobo nazobčeni in temno zeleni. Okrogla socvetja velika 10-15cm imajo venčne liste gladke, sprva zeleno-bele , kasneje čisto bele barve .Cveti večinoma na lanskih poganjkih junija-septembera. Posebnost so tudi izrazito temna, skoraj črna stebla rastline. Najlepše uspeva na delno senčnih rastiščih, lahko tudi v večjih posodah.
  • Destinctively shade-loving plants are those intolerant of direct sun, because they are addapted to life in tree undergrowth or in other shadowy undergrowth. It si usual for shadow, that air moisture is higher, while temperature is lower than in sunny undergrowth. According to the ammount of sunlight, that reaches plants, we divide shadow in to light/soft or deep/strong shadow (deep shadow is found under dense and low treetops of evergreen trees, in undergorwth between bigger shrubs, can also be found in narrow north corners between buildings and trees etc).

  • Decidious have woody stems (i. e. tree trunk and branches) and are also called woody plants or trees. Leaves are normally broad, soft and thin.

  • The plant develops new leaves or needles every spring, which dropp off in autumn. Herbaceous plants can die completely in above ground section and grow back in the spring.

  • Plant can in otherwise appropriate environment survive cold down to - 18 °C.

  • Moist soil usually contain morefine clay parts and less sand, more humus and organic materials, they are somewhat heavier, but not hard; water does not run away quickly but stays among soil particles and is long available to plants. There is no stagnant water, soil is airy enough. Drought occurs rarely on such positions. Plants are given more or less permanent, moderate moisture.

  • Woody plant, normally branched at the ground level into several side stems, usually lacks of a dominant stem. Tree top can be of different shapes, dense or thin, symetric or uneven. Most shrubs reach a height of 1 to 2 metres, but some can grow much higher (up to 8 m); some can grow into very low or carpet-like forms.

  • Among described plants in this category we marked those, which are particulary resistant (to various environmental conditions), do not require much maintanance and thereby suitable fot planting in public areas.
  • Leaves or needles of many deciduos plants change colour in autumn before falling mostly to yellow, orange and red shades. Distinctive autumn red or similar colouration may also appear in some evergreen plants, which leaves/needels do not fall off in autumn. Autumn coloration depends on general condition of a plant, maintanance, weather and site. Usually leaves colour more intensely if dry autumn and if differences between day and night temperatures are greater, as well as on dry, sandy soils with less nitrogen. Among grown ornamental plants there are numerous varieties with especially intense or diverse autumn colour than by the basic species.
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Hydrangea macrophylla "Black Steel®White Ball" |20-40|C5

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Produced in C5
Height 20-40 cm
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Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Okrasne grmovnice so najbolj raznolika skupina vrtnih okrasnih rastlin. Med njimi najdemo različno velike okrasne grme za samostojno sajenje in za večje, mešane nasade, rastline za žive meje in obrobke, pa tudi številne nizke, polegle, pokrovne... next...
Tuesday, 13 March 2018
Rod hortenzij (Hydrangea) šteje več vrst večinoma gostih, majhnih ali srednje velikih listopadnih grmov. Posebnost po obliki rasti je vzpenjava hortenzija. Poganjki nekaterih hortenzij so svetlo rdeče rjavi, lahko lisasti, nekoliko se luščijo... next...
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