Substrate for conifers Aqua Save |20l|

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Description Substrate for conifers Aqua Save |20l|

Substrate for conifers. Suitable for use with most of the known conifers: cypress, cedar (Thuja sp., Cupressus sp.), spruce, fir (Picea sp., Abies sp), pine (Pinus sp.), larch (Larix sp.), yew (Taxus sp.) and juniper (Juniperus sp.). It can be used for planting conifers in the garden, in pots or in larger containers.
pH: pH 4 - 5.5
Content: 80% sphagnum milled peat; 20% compost bark; Fertilizer: 1 kg/m³ of PGMix NPK 14-16-18; clay and hydrogel: 2 kg/m³ Multicote 8-9M.
Made in EU.

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