MycorGran |Seed and rhizosphere germination improver in granules |10 kg|PHC

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Description MycorGran |Seed and rhizosphere germination improver in granules |10 kg|PHC

The basis of MycorGran exists of pure spores of two endo-mycorrhiza species. These mycorrhiza are essential in most cultivated crops in agriculture. The hyphae of these fungi provide the plant an extended uptake capacity by 700% average. MycorGran is then supplemented with several rhizobacteria species. The rhizobacteria buffers minerals and make them plant available around the hyphae and roots. 

MycorGran is specifically developed for sowers with granulate and additives spreading possibilities. Due to the granular structure, mycorrhiza can be applied directly under the seeds in an efficient and economical way.



  • easy application,
  • naturally sourced,
  • applicable for every soil type,
  • improves rhizosphere,
  • supports plant vitality and growth,
  • essential for mycorrhiza dependent plants,
  • increases rootmass,
  • improves soil structure.







VA-Mycorrhiza spores

0.5 %



4 kg/ha

Rhizobacteria assembly

7 %


Starch potatoes

3 kg/ha

Organic coating

2.5 %



0.05 g/seed

Inert ingredients

90 %







MycorGran is an organic biostimulant and registrations for use in organic agriculture are pending. Product is produced within accordance of EU regulation 834/2007 and NOP.

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