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Biova liquid |Humified grape must|20 L|PHC|

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Fragile or young plants require balanced yet high-energy nutrition. PHC Biovin Liquid is an organic, high-energy extract of humidified grape skins, stems and seeds. This conversion results in a mixture of natural and effective growth hormones (auxin) and organic plant nutrients. Phytonutrients in PHC Biovin Liquid stimulate the system-ic immune systems of plants and support healthy plant growth. For example, certain acids are instrumental in activating defence mechanisms following an attack by pathogens.

The low salt and chloride concentrations make this an excellent fertilizer for delicate crops, such as vegeta-ble sprouts, cuttings or fruit crops. The high concentration of simple carbons form an important source of energy for, among other things, rhizobacteria and fungi in the soil.



  • clean and odourless,
  • completely homogeneous,
  • rich in phytonutrients,
  • source of nutrients for rhizobacteria,
  • reduces nitrate concentrations,
  • perfect for sensitive crops,
  • increases plant resistance,
  • contributes to improved soil structure.







Humidified grape extract



Substrate cultivation (mineral wool, coconut fibre)

0.1-0.3% continuous administration




Cuttings without roots

0.33% weekly




Cuttings with roots

0.2% weekly




Vegetable sprouts

0.2% weekly




Soft fruit cultivation       

0.2-0.4% weekly




Leaf application

0.2% weekly


Apply from the first full leaf development. Mix with 200 L/ha, spray dissolved product within 4-6 hours. 



PHC Biovin Liquid is an organic fertilizer and is permitted for use in organic farming in accordance with EU Regulation 834/2007. This product is registered with FIBL, SKAL and Ecocert.

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