OLF Ag|Liquid fertilizer with a natural elicitor|5 L|PHC|

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Description OLF Ag|Liquid fertilizer with a natural elicitor|5 L|PHC|

The organic base of OLF Ag consists of vegetable raw materials with a high content of trace elements including nano silver. The natural drawer ensures a good distribution on the leaf, the natural fulvine ensures better mobilization of the elements in the plant. By adding natural fulvic, the silver is easy to mobilize in the plant. The high content of trace elements and sugars also supports a healthy soil life and contributes to healthy plant growth. Healthy plants are better able to activate natural defense mechanisms so that the resilience increases. The amino acids in OLF can also be absorbed easily at low temperatures. The low salt content prevents the risk of burning. OLF is a natural product in which no preservatives have been used.



  • gives stable plant growth,
  • supports soil life,
  • increases the abiotic stress tolerance,
  • stimulates root development,
  • promotes photosynthesis,
  • easy to absorb, even at low temperatures,
  • contributes to climate-proof crops.







Sugar cane extract

85 %


Foliar fertlizer

5 L/ha

Grape extract



Drip irrigation

1 - 2 L/ha

Biological fulvic substance

2 %




Natural drawer

1 %




Elemental colloïdal silver (natural abiotic elicitor)

2 %





 Minimum dilution with water 1: 100. Repeat up to 3-5 times.



OLF is a vegetable liquid fertilizer.

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