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TerraPam |Polyacrylamide binder|2.72 kg|PHC|

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TerraPam is a polyacrylamide adhesive used as a binder for successful water sowing, as it binds the individual components of the hydromulch, thus providing easier spraying, better water penetration and preventing hydromulch erosion. In addition, it ensures good seed germination because the material stays moist. Compared to other similar products, soil organisms do not cause rapid degradation of TerraPam. TerraPam retains its function for 5-6 weeks so that the seed has enough time to germinate and penetrate the substrate.

TerraPam does not dust, clog equipment and can be combined with all forms of hydromulching, fertilizers and wetting agents.



  • is cheaper and works better than traditional binders and adhesives,
  • contributes to better mixing of components and is easy to pump,
  • prevents clogging of pipes,
  • limits dust and erosion on sandy soils or dusty construction sites,
  • roads on construction sites will be dust-free for extended periods of time.




Sodium acrylate / Acrylamide copolymer

90 %

Inert components

10 %


The hydromulch binder is applied at 3.5 kg / ha when applied to a flat surface. For steep areas (> 30 st.) It is necessary to give more: 5 kg / ha. It is necessary to mix it with approx. 6000 liters of water.



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