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Vertimulch |Combined inoculant|NPK: 3-0-3|10 kg|PHC|

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An all-in-one vertical soil improvement for existing hedges, plants or trees. Universally applicable for trees and plant material due to the combination of endomycorrhiza and ectomycorrhiza. Mycorrhizal fungi colonise the roots under diff erent conditions, resulting in a signifi cant increase in - among others - the absorption capacity. Soil compaction or soil tillage can result in stressful conditions for the vegetation. Addition of mycorrhiza and rhizobacteria restores the utilisation by roots and improves stress tolerance.

PHC Vertimulch aerates the soil and facilitates new root formation. The combination of mycorrhiza and rhizobacteria restores the essential biology around the roots, which has been disrupted by soil compaction. Research demonstrates that diff erences in growth are signifi cant in the long term. This is due to the increased absorption range, nutrient density and access to capillary water.



  • all-in-one solution,
  • rapid recovery from soil compaction,
  • pathogen-free,
  • signifi cantly improved growth annually,
  • repair of root damage,
  • simple and economical application,
  • significant diff erence in further growth long term,
  • dosed fertilization,
  • increased tolerance for drought and heat stress.







Endomycorrhiza (1.96 spores/gram)

0.05 %


Drilling holes ± 8 cm in diameter and 25-30 cm deep 

85 g/hole

Ectomycorrhiza (116,000 spores/gram)

0.1 %


Drill spacing 

75 cm


1 %


Treatment /m²

10 kg/70 m²

Organic fertilizer

46.36 %




Fulvic/humic acids

26 %



1 %


0.1 %


0.003 %

Inert ingredients

25.387 %



  1. Removal of leaves and layers of mulch from the area where drilling will be carried out.
  2. Drilling a hole.
  3. Storing soil that has been drilled in a wheelbarrow.
  4. Thoroughly mix 85 grams of Vertimulch with the soil from each hole.
  5. With this mixture from the wheelbarrow refill the holes and press with a stick.

Suitable for all types of trees, shrubs and hedges.



PHC Vertimulch is a natural mycorrhizal bio-stimulant.

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