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Fulvic 25 |Biostimulant from drinking water|20 L|PHC|

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Fully natural and soluble chelating agent. Exists of fulvic- and humic substances, derived from Dutch drinking water. This biostimulant enhances root and shoot development as well as fertilization properties. At a depth of 300 meters, soil water is extracted for the purpose of drinking water production. Via specific patented processes, fulvic- and humic substances are separated from the Dutch drinking water supply. The production process is strictly controlled and fully foodgrade, without the use of any chemicals.

Fulvic 25 chelates elements like phosphate which results in root development and better nutritional value for plants and crops. Nutritional value is specifically important for food and feed crops. In addition, Fulvic 25, stimulates soil life which results in improved soil structure and Co2 storage. Due to the low molecular weight, fulvic is very mobile in plants. Fulvic 25 is also under cold conditions e ective. On crops, Fulvic 25 stimulates several enzymatic (SOD, POD, CAT) processes within plants. Stimula-tion of these enzymes result in increased stomatal gas exchange possibilities and increased chlorop-hyll content. Which enhances the tolerance to abiotic stress and increases plant quality.



  • improves the rhizosphere,
  • increased root development,
  • chelates trace elements,
  • efficient use of plant nutrients,
  • enhanced plant pigment,
  • increased abiotic stress tolerance,
  • supports climate resistant crops,
  • improved soil life.







Drinking water extract

100 %


Seed coatings

10 %




Foliar application

1 %




Field application

50 L/ha


Row application

30 L/ha

Potting plants (biweekly)

1.5ml/L water


Different doses may apply for the recovery of fi elds in poor (bio) condition. 



Fulvic 25 is an organic biostimulant that has been approved for use in organic agriculture by SKAL, Fibl in accordance with EU regulation 834/2007. In addition, Fulvic 25 is certifi ed by Ecocert for compliance with NOP.

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