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TerraPulse |Biostimulant for soil improvement |20 kg|PHC|

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PHC TerraPulse provides a high-energy start for soil enhancement and healthy plant growth. This product contains only natural ingredients that provide a synergistic effect. Firstly, the ingredient Biovin provides a microbial impulse. The bacteria, fungi and streptomycetes break down organic materials and convert this into stable humus in the soil. PHC TerraPulse is also high in energy in the form of simple carbons that stimulate the available/indigenous soil life. This translates into improved aeration of the soil structure by worms, for example. Secondly, the addition of rock dust supplies unique elements that have usually disappeared from the soil. This makes PHC TerraPulse the only rock dust product that can be spread over a range of 40 metres. The third functionality is the addition of natural fulvic acid. Fulvic acid is instrumental in - among other things - the mobilisation of elements to the plant and the stabilisation of cell membranes. Finally, the clay component ensures binding of sand particles, which results in improved aggregate formation.



  • simple application,
  • restores soil vitality,
  • spreadable rock dust,
  • contains natural fulvic acid,
  • improves the soil biology,
  • facilitates CO2 binding in the soil,
  • breaks down raw organic matter,
  • energy rich,
  • prevents leaching.







Humificated grape must

52 %


Soil preparation

600 kg/ha

Minerals (micro)

23 %


Arable farming, grass

500 kg/ha

Fulvic Dry

1 %


Tree cultivation

400-600 kg/ha

Inert ingredients

24 %


Fruit cultivation

300-600 kg/ha




Greenhouse horticulture

30-60 g/m²



PHC TerraPulse is an organic biostimulant and is permitted for use in organic farming in accordance with EU Regulation 834/2007 and NOP (Ecocert). 

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